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Blog / 2020-11-12 / Vanishree Rao and Izaak Meckler

A More Efficient Approach to Zero Knowledge for PLONK

In PLONK (considered as an interactive oracle proof), the prover sends the verifier several polynomials. They are evaluated at some k points during the course of the protocol. Of course, if we want zero-knowledge, we would require that those evaluations do not reveal anything about the proof's underlying witness.

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    Coda Protocol Relaunches as Mina, the World’s Lightest Blockchain

    Due to a trademark lawsuit filed by R3 in 2019, Coda has relaunched as Mina, the world's lightest blockchain powered by participants.

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  • Blog / 2020-09-18 / O(1) Labs
    Mina Protocol Opens Sign-Ups for Adversarial Testnet

    Adversarial testnet participants can earn up to 1% of the total supply in token rewards for uncovering network vulnerabilities, earn delegations from the Mina Foundation, and also be eligible for the Genesis token grants program.

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  • Blog / 2020-09-02 / O(1) Labs
    Genesis Founding Member: Kunkomu

    Kunkomu joined the community in the early days and has evolved to be a true community leader, from learning how to run a node himself back in release 2 to now helping newcomers with their node configurations. He has always been very active and passionate about the Coda community and many know to turn to him for any help or questions they may have. Learn more about this GFM!

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  • Blog / 2020-08-26 / O(1) Labs
    Mina Protocol Aims to Onboard Hundreds of New Genesis Token Grant Recipients by Mainnet

    Mina Protocol intends to grow the ecosystem of node operators by pairing those new to crypto with its technical ambassadors.

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  • Blog / 2020-08-21 / O(1) Labs
    Genesis Founding Member: niuniu | Bit Cat

    Genesis Founding Member niuniu | Bit Cat has been a core contributor to Coda, especially in the Chinese-speaking Coda community, since the launch of Testnet beta. Read more about his experiences and why he decided to get involved.

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  • Blog / 2020-08-19 / Izaak Meckler, CTO and Co-founder of O(1) Labs, building Coda Protocol
    Meet Pickles SNARK: Enabling Smart Contracts on Coda Protocol

    Pickles is a new proof system and associated toolkit that is the first deployed SNARK capable of recursive composition with no trusted setup.

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  • Blog / 2020-08-13 / O(1) Labs
    Coda Protocol Announces Second Cohort for the Genesis Token Program to Ensure Global Participation and High Decentralization

    With mainnet launch on the horizon, Coda Protocol accepts its second cohort into the Genesis token program to ensure high decentralization upon mainnet launch.

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  • Blog / 2020-07-30 / O(1) Labs
    One-Year Testnet Anniversary Retrospective

    Over the past year, Coda’s Testnet has grown from a small group of 65 community members to a cohort of over 850 hailing from all over the world. In fact, since launch the Coda testnet has experienced 1200% growth in cumulative members. Thanks to our active community, the Coda testnet is now one of the largest layer 1 testnets by peer count for non-ICO-ed protocols!

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  • Blog / 2020-07-30 / O(1) Labs
    Coda Protocol Celebrates its Testnet's 1-Year Anniversary with 1200% Community Growth Since Launch

    One year since launching its public testnet, Coda Protocol has achieved milestones like significant community growth and high geographic distribution among participation, with members hailing from over 180 different countries.

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