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We're on a mission.

To create a vibrant decentralized network and open programmable currency—so we can all participate, build, exchange and thrive.

It's Time to Own Our Future

Living in today's world requires giving up a lot of control.

Every day, we give up control of intimate data to large tech companies to use online services. We give up control of our finances to banks and unaccountable credit bureaus. We give up control of our elections to voting system companies who run opaque and unauditable elections.

Even when we try to escape this power imbalance and participate in blockchains, most of us give up control and trust to third parties to verify transactions. Why? Because running a full node requires expensive hardware, unsustainable amounts of electricity and tons of time to sync increasingly heavier and heavier chains.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

That's why we created Mina.

In June of 2017, O(1) Labs kicked off an ambitious new open source project to design a layer one protocol that could deliver on the original promise of blockchain—true decentralization, scale and security. Rather than apply brute computing force, Mina offers an elegant solution using advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs.

Over the past three years, our team together with our incredible community have launched and learned through several testnet phases. And now, at long last, we are proud to introduce Mina to the wider world. Here, developers can build powerful applications like Snapps (SNARK-powered apps) to offer financial services without compromising data privacy and programmable money that anyone can access trustlessly from their phones. And that's just the beginning.

While there will still be challenges to come, the world's lightest, most accessible blockchain is ready to be powered by a whole new generation of participants.

Here's to a more efficient, elegant and fair future - for all of us.

What attracted me was a small, scalable blockchain that's still independently verifiable on small nodes.”

Naval Ravikant

AngelList Co-Founder, O(1) Labs Investor

Secured by Participants

The Mina network is secured by an uncapped number of block producers via proof-of-stake consensus. A uniquely decentralized blockchain, Mina gets even more secure and resilient as it grows.


Block Producers


Snark Producers

Featured Block Producers

Delegating is an alternative to staking Mina directly, with the benefit of not having to maintain a node that is always connected to the network. Here are some of the professional block producers offering staking services on Mina.

You Can Run a Node & Secure the Network

With Mina's uniquely light blockchain, you don't have to have expensive hardware, or wait days for the blockchain to sync, or use a ton of computing power to stake and participate in consensus.

Meet the Team

Mina is an inclusive open source protocol uniting teams and technicians from San Francisco and around the world.

Evan Shapiro

CEO, O(1) Labs

Izaak Meckler

CTO, O(1) Labs

Claire Kart

Head of Marketing & Community, O(1) Labs

Emre Tekisalp

Head of Business Development, O(1) Labs

Bijan Shahrokhi

Head of Product, O(1) Labs

Brandon Kase

Head of Product Engineering, O(1) Labs

Aneesha Raines

Engineering Manager, O(1) Labs

Sherry Lin

Marketing Manager, O(1) Labs

Matthew Ryan

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Kate El-Bizri

Visual Designer, O(1) Labs

Nacera Rodstein

Operations Associate, O(1) Labs

Ahmad Wilson

Protocol Reliability Engineer, O(1) Labs

Chris Pryor

Lead Product Designer, O(1) Labs

Andrew Trainor

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Jiawei Tang

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Deepthi Kumar

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Paul Steckler

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Carey Janecka

Product Engineer, O(1) Labs

Nathan Holland

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Vanishree Rao

Protocol Researcher, O(1) Labs

Joon Kim

General Counsel, O(1) Labs

Christine Yip

Community Manager, O(1) Labs

Genesis Members

Meet the node operators, developers, and community builders making Mina happen.


niuniu | Bit Cat

Greg | DeFidog




Supporting O(1) Labs

Andrew Keys
Charlie Noyes
Ed Roman
Elad Gil
Fred Ehrsam
Jack Herrick
Linda Xie
Naval Ravikant


Supporting O(1) Labs

Zaki Manian

Principal Co-founder, Iqlusion

Paul Davidson

Co-founder & CEO, Alpha Exploration Co.

Luke Youngblood

Founder & CEO, Blockscale

Joseph Bonneau

Assistant Professor, NYU Courant Institute

Jill Carlson

Co-founder, Open Money Initiative

Amit Sahai

Director, Center for Encrypted Functionalities

Akis Kattis

PhD Student, NYU Courant Institute

Work with Mina