Mina’s Why

Today’s internet is facing a problem.

In today’s digital age, data silos and misinformation plague the internet, compounded by the rise of AI and deep fakes. These issues create fragmented ecosystems and erode trust online, making it difficult for users to verify the authenticity of information. Even with blockchain technology, we rely on third parties to verify transactions due to the high hardware and energy costs involved in blockchain participation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mina’s lightweight blockchain technology addresses this by providing a collaborative, reusable “proof of everything,” enabling an internet of true things where data is verifiable, accessible, and privacy-preserving, fostering a more open and trustworthy digital world.

What is a zero knowledge proof?

A cryptographic technique that allows one party to prove the truth of a statement to another party without revealing any specific details about the statement.

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ZK Tech Stack

Kimchi-Pickles Proof System

Proof systems are built to prove statements. Mina has a unique proof system that is highly efficient and composable.

Pickles is Mina’s proof system that creates recursive proofs, which relies on a protocol called Kimchi to produce the proofs.

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Ouroboros Samasika POS Consensus

Ouroboros Samasika is a proof-of-stake protocol used for secure, scalable consensus by enabling efficient block production and eliminating the need for long-term history checks.

It ensures high security and reduces centralization risks.

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Snarketplace Proof Market

The Snarketplace is a service exchange where block producers add transactions for SNARK Workers to create ZKPs and process them.

This marketplace model ensures the network’s compact size and efficient transaction processing by requiring completed SNARK work to be purchased before adding new block producer transactions.

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ZK-powered programs that are Turing complete, and offer enhanced privacy, off-chain computation, and composability with no gas fees.

They are written in TypeScript, a familiar programming language for a streamlined developer experience. Learn how to build a zkApp.

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ZK Use Cases

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Privacy & Trustless Attestations

zkApps are powerful for providing data-level privacy or identity, and verifying requirements without exposing underlying user information.

For instance, you can privately prove you have a certain number of social followers or ensure private yet auditable elections to protect individuals’ voting information.


Verify the state of the chain, blocks, or transactions in a privacy-preserving and efficient way from any device in milliseconds.


Leverage Mina’s small size and efficient proof system to build high-performing L2s.

With ZK and recursion, computation is computed once and then is rolled up into Mina’s proof of everything, allowing you to scale horizontally.

Secure & Compliant

Mina’s ZK integration can assure fair lending criteria and secure information verification without accessing private user data, building trust.

Mina combines cost-efficiency, privacy, and interoperability, enabling secure, trustless global transactions without centralized intermediaries or high fees.