Community Grant Programs


Join the rolling program where new developers can earn grants for learning about Mina, ZK, and contributing to projects or libraries across the Mina ecosystem.

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Make your big ZK idea a real business with hands-on support and grants. Experienced ZK builders are encouraged to submit a project proposal.

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Core Grants

Contribute to RFC discussions, and submit proposals to not only shaping the Mina vision but also secure funding to realize it too. Examples can include token standards, zkOracles, Data Availability layers, new o1js features, and so much more.

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Delegation Program

Help further secure the network as a block producer.

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Our Culture

It’s hard to quantify, but it’s not hard to see: in any community, culture is everything. It’s the values that drive us. It’s how we see the world and how we show up. Culture is who we are and becomes what we create.

Types of Grants


Contribute to engineering projects like web interfaces or to protocol enhancements like stablecoins.


Help with community organizing or create much-needed content to better serve our members.


Share an idea for how to improve the Mina network or build the Mina community.

Mina Community

Get to know some of the people working to strengthen the protocol and build our community.


niuniu | Bit Cat

Genesis Founding Member / Founder of Auro Wallet

"Running a Mina node doesn't have a high barrier to entry - you don't need too technical of a background to start and many people can just start in 10 minutes from the docs provided."

Beijing, China


Genesis Founding Member / Founder of Mina Explorer

"My favorite thing about Mina is how it utilizes and builds on zk-SNARKs, which are a fundamental technology that could have a massive impact on the blockchain space and technology in general."

Victoria, Canada

Karol Podufalski

zkIgnite Technical Mentor

"Mina is at a crucial moment of growth when creating tooling for the developers is incredibly important. I am glad to see many builders tackling this challenge and looking forward to seeing how I as a developer can leverage those tools in the future."

United Kingdom

Alysia Tech

zkApps Developer

"It’s not as intimidating as you may think — zkApps are written with Typescript on Mina."

Trinidad and Tobago

Explore Mina Community Projects

From user apps to key infrastructure — there are 50+ community projects building on Mina.



It’s our obsession to understand and solve big questions and impossible problems. Our love of collaboration and exploration. It’s our imagination, at work.


We’re all about being there for our community. Empowering people with helpful and transparent information.


Above all, we stand for equality and fairness. We’re committed to decentralization and that’s why we strive to always be inclusive and accessible.


We demand the best of ourselves. Elegant systems. We’re committed to creating tech people can depend on. We enjoy the process and deliver results.