zkApps are more than just smart contracts

More than just smart contracts, zkApps are comprehensive systems modeling domain-specific solutions, encompassing programs, contracts, sequencers, zkVMs, and more, showcasing the versatility and power of zkApps for your needs.

Mina’s features offer enhanced privacy, off-chain computation, on-chain verification, and composable infinite recursion.


Web3 apps often use new programming languages, but zkApps use o1js, a TypeScript-based library. If you know TypeScript, you're ready to build zkApps and utilize zero knowledge proofs.

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Optional Privacy

Choose what data is public and what data remains private through verifiable credentials. zkApps offer privacy and security for your users without the cost of hosting their data. Users can easily interact using proofs of their personal data, revealing only information they are comfortable to share.


No Gas Fees

Unlike other blockchains with variable gas fees, zkApps can perform complex off-chain computations and only incur a fixed fee to verify the zero knowledge proof on the chain.


Bridges and Reusable Proofs

Mina's composable recursive zero knowledge proofs enable developers to reuse proofs of already verified information across various chains and applications. This results in reduced verification costs, composable builds, and enhanced privacy for user or company data. There are also several zkBridges in development that will enable dapps from other chains to leverage Mina’s properties.