Mina Protocol Widens Its Token Distribution to the Community With Updated Token Sale Terms and Prism Token Grants

To give access to a greater number of participants and welcome new community members into Mina, the Mina Foundation has updated Mina's token sale terms as well as introduced the new Prism Token Grants.

Token Sale Terms Updated to Double the Number of Participants

Community is at the heart of Mina and we value each and every community member who is contributing to Mina’s global, decentralized network: from our newest members to those who have been involved from the beginning, helping to build and test the protocol in its early stages. We are grateful for all of your efforts and want to ensure the Community Sale is as inclusive as possible.

To give access to a greater number of participants and welcome new community members into Mina, each purchase’s maximum dollar value is brought from $1,000 to $500. Assuming that each participant purchases the maximum number of tokens in the Community Sale, this change will increase the number of participants from 18,750 to 37,500 and will allow a wider distribution.

You can find more information on the token sale here.

Improving the Token Sale User Experience

We heard concerns from the community about the token sale mechanics and collaborated with our official token sale partner, CoinList, to take action. CoinList is implementing a solution where participants will be required to log in to queue for the token sale. This will prevent users from using multiple browsers/devices or bots to take up several positions in the queue and will make the token sale a more streamlined experience for the Mina community.

Evan Shapiro, CEO and Co-Founder of O(1) Labs and Board Member of the Mina Foundation shared, “We are excited to share these recent updates on the Mina token sale with our community. All of these actions have been taken with our members in mind, as we continue to prioritize their experience and support Mina’s broad, decentralized growth.”

New Prism Token Grants that will Double Mina’s Grantee Base

Mina is powered by participants. The diverse community is large, has many different skills and talents, and collaborated in recent years to become one of the most robust and prominent communities in crypto. The Mina Foundation acknowledges the members who built along with the core team when the project was still in its early stages and is excited to announce a new grants program, Prism.

Prism Contributing Members (PCM) who are devoted to the project and made significant contributions in the last years but did not receive a grant are eligible to become grantees. With this program, Mina will be doubling its grantee base to around 1,200 grantees and distributing up to 3.1 million tokens to the new Prism members. Read more about the Prism token grants here.

Mina is at the beginning of a new chapter after its mainnet launch a few weeks ago, and it will depend heavily on its members to further grow and lead the community. Mina’s Genesis Founding Members had a pivotal role in launching the mainnet as its first block producers. Together with the new Prism Contributing Members, they will continue to be the pillars of the world’s lightest blockchain.

How can members participate in Mina’s community?

Mina’s community is open, curious, and respectful. You can join Mina’s Telegram channel here or join the community on Discord. Our members are friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Mina’s mainnet only launched a few weeks ago, and we’re still at the beginning of Mina’s journey. We need builders, creators, organizers, mentors, and many others. There is a place for everyone who wants to contribute to the world’s lightest blockchain that is truly powered by participants.

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