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The world's lightest blockchain, powered by participants.

By design, the entire Mina blockchain is and will always be about 22kb - the size of a couple of tweets. So anyone with a smartphone will be able to sync and verify the network in seconds.

Mina Blockchain

22KBFixed Size
Mina Blockchain Size

Other Blockchains

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Easily Accessible, Now & Always

Other protocols are so heavy they require intermediaries to run nodes, recreating the same old power dynamics. But Mina is light, so anyone can connect peer-to-peer and sync and verify the chain in seconds. Built on a consistent-sized cryptographic proof, the blockchain will stay accessible—even as it scales to millions of users.

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Truly Decentralized, with Full Nodes like Never Before

With Mina, anyone who's syncing the chain is also validating transactions like a full node. Mina's design means any participant can take part in proof-of-stake consensus, have access to strong censorship-resistance and secure the blockchain.

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Light Chain, High Speed

Other protocols are weighed down by terabytes of private user data and network congestion. But on Mina's 22kb chain, apps execute as fast as your bandwidth can carry them—paving the way for a seamless end user experience and mainstream adoption.

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Private & Powerful Apps, Thanks to Snapps

Mina enables an entirely new category of applications—Snapps. These SNARK-powered decentralized apps are optimized for efficiency, privacy and scalability. Logic and data are computed off-chain, then verified on-chain by the end user's device. And information is validated without disclosing specifics, so people stay in control of their personal data.

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Programmable Money, For All

Mina's peer-to-peer permissionless network empowers participants to build and interact with tokens directly—without going through a centralized wallet, exchange or intermediary. And payments can be made in Mina's native asset, stablecoin or in user-generated programmable tokens—opening a real world of possibilities.

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It's Time to Own Our Future

Why did we create the world's lightest blockchain? To rebalance the scales and give anyone with a smartphone the power to participate, build, exchange and thrive.

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