Global Expansion in the Mina Platform: Website Optimized for New Languages

The Mina community and its members are the core of our […]

The Mina community and its members are the core of our global, decentralized network. It is important to us that each contributing community member has a positive experience, regardless of where they are based in the world and what languages they speak. This is why we have optimized our website to offer 4 new languages—Chinese, Turkish, Russian, and Korean—with more being added soon.

Optimizing our website for new languages supports our greater mission of ensuring inclusivity to all participants. Our zk-SNARK-based design that makes Mina the world’s lightest blockchain is at the core of this value for inclusivity, making it easy for anyone to download the current state of the network and participate in consensus.

As opposed to other blockchains that are run by powerful ecosystem intermediaries, Mina is a decentralized blockchain powered by participants, with an uncapped number of block producers. Our inclusive community unites people around the world with a passion for decentralization and value for privacy. In a testament to community enthusiasm, Mina is now one of the largest and most active communities of any project launched in the last two years.

To put in perspective the importance of our vision for global expansion, with over 4,600 participants, the Mina Testnet included members from over 100 countries speaking over 15 languages, underlining the importance of diversifying our website’s languages. There are currently 16 language channels on Mina’s Discord server, covering languages such as German, Japanese, Ukrainian, Arabic and more. There are also a growing number of community-led groups in different languages/for different regional communities on Telegram, Twitter, as well as Meetup groups in select regions:



Mina is at the beginning of a new chapter after its recent mainnet launch and token sale completed via CoinList, and we will continue to lean on our members to further grow and lead the community. If you are interested in becoming a community partner to help expand Mina to other languages, please reach out to us here.

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