Build with zero knowledge by joining Mina’s zkIgnite, Cohort 2

Register your interest for zkIgnite, Cohort 2 – the ultimate program for developers and entrepreneurs looking to turn their zkApp ideas into reality.

Are you ready to build innovative applications using industry-leading recursive zero knowledge technology? Look no further than zkIgnite, Mina’s builder’s program that offers funding, mentorship, and access to industry experts for builders using zero knowledge proofs. 

500k USDC and 500k MINA are available in grants and rewards to fund zkApp businesses and key developer tooling that will push the Mina ecosystem forward.

Following the successful funding of 26 projects in Cohort 1, we are excited to announce the launch of Cohort 2, offering builders and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to bring their ideas to life and contribute to the growing ecosystem of zero knowledge proof applications.

Register your interest for Cohort 2 here.

Note: All participants from Cohort 1 are encouraged to join Cohort 2!

Program Overview

During the program, you’ll engage in a series of weekly gatherings and challenges, including:

  • Generating innovative ideas
  • Deep dive into zkApp Architecture 
  • Drafting high quality proposals
  • Feasibility sessions with o1Labs
  • Technical support and feedback 
  • Team formation
  • Funding allocation
  • Mentor pairing for funded proposals 
  • Introduction to VC and Impact Funds for further funding


zkIgnite is a community-driven program that brings together builders, experts, and industry leaders to develop cutting-edge ZK applications on Mina. Cohort 2 participants will have the opportunity to engage with a supportive community of like-minded individuals and benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the group. Funding decisions are made by a team of Electors from the community, ensuring that the program is truly decentralized and reflects the priorities of the community.

Ways to Participate

zkApp Track

Participants in Cohort 2 will form teams around zkApp ideas designed to solve real-world problems. Teams are not limited to any particular structure but we do encourage each team to have at least 1-2 technical developers. Everyone is welcome to participate in Cohort 2, including non-technical builders and community members. Below we’ve listed roles of potential participants in the zkApp Challenges: 

  • Web3 and ZK developers
  • Founders 
  • Designers and marketers

Dev Tooling & Services Track (Previously Dev4Dev track)

Developers who want to create tooling that will make building in the Mina ecosystem easier and more efficient for other developers.

*Time Commitment: For participants in the zkApp and Dev Tooling & Services tracks, Cohort 2 will run for 12-weeks, including weekly workshops and gatherings. The time commitment is flexible, and you can dedicate as much or as little time as you see fit and recordings of all gatherings will be made available online shortly after they conclude.

If you’re passionate and dedicated about building a successful zkApp business, this is the perfect opportunity to dive in as there will be ample opportunities and grants to reward you.


Experienced builders, community members and zkApp users who decide on and allocate the available funding. 


Experienced zkApp devs who offer guidance and support during the ‘Build’ phase of the program. There will be an opportunity to express your interest in becoming a Mentor when the program begins. 

Proposal Feedback

In addition to submitting proposals for the zkApp and Dev Tooling & Services tracks, we invite the Mina community to join Cohort 2 to provide feedback throughout the proposal development process. You don’t have to be associated with a team to join and share your thoughts!


Successful projects will be eligible to receive funding from the Mina Foundation grant pool to help continue the development of their zkApp or Dev Tooling & Services project. 

Mina Foundation is excited to share that there is 500k USDC and 500k MINA available to allocate toward zkApp and Dev Tooling & Services proposals voted on by electors as well as rewards for Electors, Mentors and Ambassadors. 

Funding allocation decisions will be made by ‘electors’, a select group of experienced builders and community members within the Mina ecosystem.

Next Steps

zkIgnite, Cohort 2 will officially kick off on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unleash your potential and shape the future of zero knowledge technology with zkIgnite. Register your interest for Cohort 2 today and stay tuned for further updates on how to join.

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From Cohort 1 Participants:

“The zkIgnite experience is a top-notch explosion of collaborative resources to supercharge your developmental journey with Mina. From team building and VC networking opportunities, relevant technical and business educational resources, mentorship, funding, and more; Mina Protocol’s zkIgnite platform is certain to instigate waves of creative innovation into the Web3 community.”

– Xen / Cohort 1 Grantee / Building zkHuman

“zkIgnite has been an exceptional experience, very well organized and driven by a collaborative and groundbreaking community, both on the technical and human side. zkIgnite has been a mind changing challenge for everyone who had the fortune to participate in it.”

– Mario / Cohort 1 Grantee / Building Streamlined Web3 Credentials

About Mina Protocol

Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants. Rather than apply brute computing force, Mina uses advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs to design an entire blockchain that is about 22kb, the size of a couple of tweets. It is the first layer-1 to enable efficient implementation and easy programmability of zero knowledge smart contracts (zkApps). With its unique privacy features and ability to connect to any website, Mina is building a private gateway between the real world and crypto—and the secure, democratic future we all deserve.

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