Seed Peer Providers Program

In anticipation of Mina’s mainnet launch, the Mina Foun […]

In anticipation of Mina’s mainnet launch, the Mina Foundation is excited to share the list of node operators participating in the Seed Peer Providers Program.

Seed Peer Providers are an independent group of nodes that assist new nodes to find peers and connect to the Mina Protocol. This improves the onboarding experience for other nodes, and makes sure they start bootstrapping as soon as possible.

Mina’s Seed Peers are considered to be leaders amongst the community. They are not compensated in any way – they perform their role as a service to the Mina community. The full list of seed peers can be found below:

Ankr; Bison Trails; Bit Cat; BiXinKeLe Pool; DSRV; Figment; Genesis Lab; HashQuark; Mina Explorer; Moonli.me; Nodeasy; P2P Validator; Piconbello; Spark Pool; Stakefish; Stake Tab; Staked; Staker Space; w3m; Zero Knowledge Validator

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