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How did you get involved in blockchain? I got involved […]

How did you get involved in blockchain?
I got involved in blockchain starting in 2013, I mined some dogecoin back then =)

Wow, what do you think about all that’s been happening with dogecoin recently?
Well, it has been a long time since I mined and sadly I don’t have any dogecoin left.

The rise of dogecoin was something to expect because it’s easy to buy on a lot of platforms and in my opinion it’s a good “baby first cryptocurrency” for beginners to understand how blockchain works. Also, the meme status of this crypto lol.

Why did you join Mina?
I heard about Mina when I was browsing on https://bisontrails.co/protocols/ and decided to join Mina because I saw the potential and the uniqueness of the project.

Tell us about your experience with Mina and the community.
The Mina community is probably one of the best that I’ve been involved in. The friendliness of the members on Discord and the fact that you can easily contact the team is really something that you don’t see on most other blockchain projects.

What are your favorite things about Mina’s technology and community? What do you think makes Mina’s technology/community unique?
Like I said above, the uniqueness of Mina’s tech coupled with a great community =)

Can you tell us about some of your highlights from Mina’s testnets?
The testnets are always very well organised. The only thing is that I had some issues running the software on the recent ones. It’s going well right now with the last version, I’m still running my node since I’m a QA tester and I don’t have any more issues!

Are you participating in any other projects?
Yes you check my involvement in other project here on my page.

What are some resources you rely on to stay on top of blockchain/crypto news and info?
It’s a mix of Telegram, Discord, Reddit,Twitter, Bitcointalk, 4chan and some personal blogs. Here are some potential resources if anybody’s interested:

What do you like to do in your free time?
At this moment I don’t do much because of the lockdowns. I check/work on others blockchain projects, play World of Warcraft classic, that’s about it right now.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Hello from France and let’s have a better year than 2020!

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