zkIgnite, Cohort 1

Are you ready to start building on Mina? Get hands-on support and a grant to support your zkApp project.

초기 제네시스 멤버

미나 프로토콜과 커뮤니티를 위해 수고하는 초기 제네시스 멤버들을 소개합니다.



Genesis Founding Member

"제가 아무것도 몰랐을 때, 다들 저는 바보 취급하는 대신 동기부여와 도움의 손길을 내밀었습니다. 미나 커뮤니티는 모두를 반갑게 맞이하고 친절하게 대해줍니다."

텍사스 주, 댈러스

niuniu | Bit Cat

Genesis Founding Member

"미나 노드 운영은 진입 장벽이 낮습니다. 많은 사람들이 전문적인 배경 지식 없이도 제공된 문서를 보고 10분 만에 시작하고 있습니다."

중국, 베이징

Greg | DeFidog

Genesis Founding Member

"미나의 기술은 정말 뛰어나지만, 진정으로 프로젝트를 이끌어가는 건 O(1) Labs 팀과 미나 커뮤니티입니다."



Genesis Founding Member

"다른 테스트넷과 비교했을 때, 미나 테스트넷은 정말 쉽게 접근할 수 있었습니다. 모든 과정이 문서에 상세하게 설명되어 있었고, 이점은 기술 전문가가 아닌 저에게 정말 중요했습니다."



Genesis Founding Member

"My favorite thing about Mina is how it utilizes and builds on zk-SNARKs, which are a fundamental technology that could have a massive impact on the blockchain space and technology in general."

Victoria, Canada

My measure of a project isn't the quality of the tech. It’s the quality of the community. I wouldn't have been able to spin my node up if it weren't for the insanely great members that helped me. And that's something special.

Testnet Community Member

Grants Program

From front-end sprints and protocol development to community building initiatives and content creation, our Grants Program invites you to help strengthen the network in exchange for Mina tokens.

Our Culture

It’s hard to quantify, but it’s not hard to see: in any community, culture is everything. It’s the values that drive us. It’s how we see the world and how we show up. Culture is who we are and becomes what we create.

What Unites Us


Above all, we respect each other. That’s why we stand for equality and fairness. Why we’re committed to decentralization. And why we strive to always be inclusive and accessible.


It’s our obsession to understand and solve. Our attraction to big questions and impossible problems. Our love of collaboration and exploration. It’s our imagination, at work.


We demand the best of ourselves. Elegant solutions. Symphonic systems. Technical beauty. We’re committed to creating tech people can depend on. We enjoy the process and deliver results.


We’re all about being there for our community. Empowering people with helpful information. Sharing where we are. Owning our mistakes. And serving our vision with humility.