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Grants Program

The Project Grant program is designed to encourage community members to work on projects related to developing the Mina protocol and community.

Work on projects with us and earn Mina tokens

About 10 million Mina tokens have been allocated to to support the protocol and community prior to Mina's mainnet launch. Check out open opportunities below.

Types of Grants

Technical Grants

Contribute to engineering projects like web interfaces or to protocol enhancements like stablecoins.

Community Grants

Help with community organizing or create much-needed content to better serve our members.

Submit Your Own

Share an idea for how to improve the Mina network or build the Mina community.


Product / Front-End Projects

Assist with building interfaces and platforms for users to interact with Mina.



Minimum of 40,000 Mina tokens per month (minimum two month commitment)


Help Mina update its GraphQL API to support new use cases. Work closely with O(1) Labs Engineering to gather requirements. You must be familiar with OCaml.

Browser Wallet (with optional chrome extension)


Minimum of 80,000 Mina tokens

Open source

Open source


Enable sending, receiving, and delegating Mina tokens using a web wallet with support for the Ledger.

Mobile Wallet


Minimum of 160,000 Mina tokens


Enable sending, receiving, and delegating Mina tokens using a Mobile Wallet.

Update Documents on


Minimum of 16,000 Mina tokens


Update the Docs and GraphQL documents for Mina Protocol

Block Explorer


Minimum of 40,000 Mina tokens. Ongoing 8,000 tokens per month for hosting the new design and ongoing updates, on a 72 hour SLA.


Redesign and update of, as hosted on Enable users to explore the blockchain, view account details, blocks won, transactions, current block height, epoch, slot number, transaction details, etc.

Protocol Projects

Contribute to engineering projects to develop the core technology underlying the protocol.

Stablecoin Support


Integration fee as grant or initial deposit amount


Offer a US dollar backed programmable stablecoin on the Mina Protocol.

Alternative Client Implementation (e.g. Rust)


Minimum of 400,000 Mina tokens

Open source

Open source


Enable Mina nodes to parse and verify the Mina transactions, its smart contracts and everything related. Provide an interfaces to create transactions, product blocks, and create snarks in Mina.

Marketing and Community Projects

Help to build and grow Mina's community by serving as ambassadors, creating content, and other initiatives.

Technical Community Ambassadors


Minimum of 4,000 Mina tokens


Grow, excite and organize Mina’s technical community globally by organizing virtual meetups, supporting the community in testnet activities, establishing a presence on geographically-relevant platforms (ex. WeChat in China), producing and sharing educational content, recruiting new community members and being a spokesperson for the project. As our community grows and evolves, so will this role. The ideal candidate will be equal parts passionate, flexible, and dedicated.

Minimum qualifications

Native fluency in the dominant language of your region (Ex. German for Germany), plus an ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English.

Relevant Countries/Regions

China / France / Germany / India / Indonesia / Japan / Korea / Latin America (Portuguese-speaking) / Latin America (Spanish-speaking) / Netherlands / Nigeria / Russia / Turkey / UK / US

Intro video for Mina


Minimum of 4,000 Mina tokens


Create a short video that introduces Mina, highlights key differentiators, discusses Mina’s novel use of zk-SNARKs, use cases, etc.

We are also open to any of your suggestions for a grant! Submit an application and we will review it.

How to Apply

Fill out this form to apply for an open project. Applicants who are selected will have the opportunity to claim or “lock” the project so that they can work on it exclusively.

Evaluation Criteria

All grants are subject to approval by O(1) Labs. By submitting an application, you agree to our Privacy Policy


Previous experience in the domain of the project


Previous open-source contributions is a plus, but not necessary


Prior involvement in the Mina community is a plus, but not necessary


Interest in Mina and cryptocurrencies is a plus, but not necessary

General Questions

Where do I begin if I want to understand how Mina works?

Visit the Mina Docs.

Can teams apply?

Yes, both individuals and teams are eligible to apply.

How do I increase my chance of getting selected for a grant?

See the Application Process section for selection criteria. Please also reach out to us if you have any unique skills that don't apply to current projects. You can also start contributing code to Mina -- grants will give precedence to previous contributors.

What is expected of me, if I receive a grant?

We expect grant recipients to:
  • Communicate effectively and create a tight feedback loop
  • Meet project milestones
  • Serve as ambassadors of Mina in the larger crypto community

Where do I go if I need help?

Join the Mina Discord channel or reach out to grants[at]o1labs[dot]org to get help.