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To create a vibrant decentralized network and open programmable currency — so anyone with a smartphone can participate, build, exchange and thrive.


Mina’s Technology

Mina is a layer one protocol designed to deliver on the original promise of blockchain — true decentralization, scale and security. But rather than apply brute computing force, Mina uses advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs.


Mina is an inclusive open source protocol uniting teams and technicians from San Francisco and around the world.

Joseph Bonneau

Assistant Professor, NYU Courant Institute

Elizabeth Binks

Software Engineer, Chainsafe Systems

Hsin-Ju Chuang

CEO & Founder of Dystopia Labs

Paul Davison

Co-Founder & CEO, Clubhouse

Nikki Del Principe

Chief Strategy Officer, Melrose PR

Raneem Hamad

Account Executive, Melrose PR

Aidan Hyman

CEO & Founder, Chainsafe Systems

Erica Kang

Founder, Krypto Seoul

Akis Kattis

Phd Student, NYU Courant Institute

Zaki Manian

Principal Co-Founder, Iqlusion

Gregg Reynolds

Independent Software Developer

Anna Rose

Zero-Knowledge Validator Co-Founder, Zeroknowledge Podcast Co-Host

Amit Sahai

Director, Center for Encrypted Functionalities

Kili Wall

Director of Media Relations, Melrose PR

Ryan Sears

Founder, Cali Dog Security

Kelley Weaver

CEO and Founder, Melrose PR

Leila Wolf

Account Executive, Melrose PR

Luke Youngblood

Founder & CEO, Blockscale

Evan Shapiro

CEO, Mina Foundation

Izaak Meckler

CTO, O(1) Labs

Claire Kart

VP of Marketing & Community, Mina Foundation

Emre Tekisalp

Interim CEO, O(1) Labs

Bijan Shahrokhi

Head of Product, O(1) Labs

Brandon Kase

Head of Product Engineering, O(1) Labs

Joon Kim

General Counsel, Mina Foundation

Ben Ward

Head of Business Operations, O(1) Labs

Aneesha Raines

Engineering Manager, O(1) Labs

Natasha Carter

Communications Lead, Mina Foundation

Kate El-Bizri

Visual Design Lead, Mina Foundation

Nathan Holland

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Christine Yip

Community Lead, Mina Foundation

Deepthi Kumar

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Sherry Lin

Marketing Manager, Mina Foundation

Tina Liu

Asia Marketing Lead

Brian McKenna

Head of Product, Mina Foundation

Martin Minkov

Product Engineer, O(1) Labs

Richie Munro

Community Manager, Mina Foundation

Crystal Pham

Executive Assistant, Mina Foundation

Vanishree Rao

Protocol Researcher, O(1) Labs

John Robinson

Community Operations Manager, Mina Foundation

Andrea Rodriguez

Social Media & Content Manager, Mina Foundation

Nacera Rodstein

Operations Associate, O(1) Labs

Matthew Ryan

Protocol Engineer, O(1) Labs

Joseph Spadavecchia

Cryptography Engineer, O(1) Labs