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POST / 2021-11-17 / Announcement

Be the First to Build a Snapp at the Snapps Developer Workshop and Bootcamp

Learn how to build a Mina Snapp in the upcoming Snapps Developer Workshop and Bootcamp from December 7-12

On December 7th, 2021, Mina ecosystem partner O(1) Labs is partnering with ZK Hack to host a workshop where they will teach participants how to write Snapps (zero-knowledge SNARK apps) using SnarkyJS. For those who are interested in attending, sign up for the Snapps Workshop here

Following the workshop, there will also be a 4-day Snapps Bootcamp from December 9th until December 12th, where participants will get hands-on experience with building and modifying a Snapp. Those who are selected to participate in the Snapps Bootcamp will work with an example smart contract and have the chance to build modifications and experiment with Snapps. Bootcamp participants will also receive guidance via live office hours and chat with the individuals behind building Snapps on Mina. 

Criteria to Participate in Snapps Bootcamp:

At the end of the Bootcamp, top participants will be eligible to join the Snapps Builder Program, an ongoing development grant that will provide individuals with the resources to continue exploring and developing Snapps on Mina. The Snapps Builder Program will last 3 months to begin with, reward Builders $10,000 in MINA each, and will give them hands-on support and resources to launch their own Snapps application.

There are limited spots in the Snapps Bootcamp, so the sooner you apply, the more likely you are able to participate. Apply for the Snapps Bootcamp here. We will notify selected participants at the beginning of December. In the meantime, we encourage you to join the #snapps-general channel on the Mina Discord server to start getting familiar with Snapps and chat with other community members!