Community Grants: Q4 Grantee Announcement and 2023 zkIgnite Builder Grants

Announcing the Q4 2022 Community Grant recipients for their exceptional contributions to advancing and supporting the Mina ecosystem. Then we take a look into the 2023 grant program as Mina prepares to onboard more zkApp builders!

2022 was a monumental year for Mina community grants. Last year a total of 217 grants and 222,150 MINA and $130,450 USD worth of USDC were awarded to members who have made contributions to advance or support the Mina ecosystem.

The Mina community created new developer libraries, organized educational sessions, built zkApps, and more. 

Announcing Q4 2022 Eligible Community Grantees

Mina Foundation is excited to share that there are 31 individuals eligible for a Q4 2022 grant. 

Here are a few of the amazing contributions which have qualified for the latest round (please note that these are community-led efforts that are unaffiliated with Mina Foundation):

  • niuniu | Bit Cat#9001 developed Auro Wallet for Mainnet and Berkeley ontop of offering continuous support for it. 
  • Sebastien#0653 built a high-quality zkApp, published a tutorial, and open-sourced the code.
  • garethtdavies#4963 led the first-ever Mina improvement proposal and upgraded key tools such as the Archive API, REST API, and Node Proxy, among many other things. 
  • 12 individuals supported new builders as zkIgnite Cohort 0 mentors. 

Check out the full Q4 grantee list here.

2023 Grants — Welcoming more builders!

The quarterly grants program has brought incredible contributions to the Mina ecosystem and we are excited to update the Mina Foundation grants program this year to further stimulate the growth of zkApps and developer tooling.

With that, we will be phasing out the quarterly grants program and focusing on zkIgnite,  a recurring, three-month program designed to help developers and entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into real-world applications and build successful zkApp projects on Mina Protocol. It’s especially exciting because there will be:

  • New challenges
  • Even more resources and support
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs, tooling experts, builders, reviewers, and more
  • 500K USDC & 500K MINA grant pool
  • Potential VC funding

The Mina Foundation will also continue engaging with core contributors via specific grants in 2023. Community participation is crucial to growing Mina and its ecosystem, and we look forward to seeing many more amazing projects come through zkIgnite.

Grab a spot in zkIgnite Cohort 1 now, earn rewards and shape the future of Mina and zero knowledge.

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