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Post / 2021-08-09

Least Authority Concludes Security Audit on Auro Wallet

Least Authority has recently concluded a security audit on Auro Wallet.

Least Authority has recently concluded a security audit on Auro Wallet. Auro Wallet is now available as a browser extension and as a mobile application to send, receive, and stake MINA and view transactions.

Auro Highlights

  • The wallet has an English and Chinese version that supports Mina Protocol and is completely open-source.
  • The private key of your Auro Wallet is managed by yourself, and you take control of your assets.
  • You can generate multiple addresses with just one mnemonic in Auro Wallet. 
  • It’s fully compatible with BIP32/39/44 protocol, so you can import or export your wallets easily.
  • You can delegate your MINA to BP nodes to maintain network security and stability, and earn more rewards.
  • Auro Wallet browser extension supports Ledger hardware wallets.

You can read more about the security audit of Auro Wallet and the report here.

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